• Satin Lined Bonnets, Durags, and Pillowcases

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About Us

Báis Collection is a Ghanaian-owned brand focused on providing quality, luxury, and protective but stylish products. It started as a method of sharing our love of Ghanaian culture with a passion for innovation, protection, and creativity. Our collection of elegant designs includes, handmade bonnets, durags, satin pillowcases, multipurpose bags, and scrunchies. All of our products are created using a combination of satin fabric and various African print designs. Our designs are inspired by the rich culture and language of Ghana, which includes our Kente fabric inspired products. The brand aims to consistently grow and provide customers with an exceptional protective wear purchasing process.

The Perfect Fit

Looking for the perfect bonnet for yourself, a family member or significant other? Look no further Báis Collection has the perfect satin lined fit.

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Customer Reviews

Báis Collection products are top of the line. Though no two products are the same since they are handmade, the high quality remains the same...would definitely recommend their products! 10/10


Customer Reviews

Such Bomb Products!


Customer Reviews

They're so stylish and comfortable!


Customer Reviews

I love how elastic the band is + the fact that it's silk lined!


Customer Review

I used to lose my bonnets all the time & now I really wear these all day & night 10/10!


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Important need to know

Báis Collection's specializes in making handmade items. Some items such as our durags are handmade by request and may take longer to ship. All items have a processing time of 7-14 business days. If there are any further questions, then please fill out the Contact Us form or email contact@baiscollection.com

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